The Hero Doctrine Cover Reveal!

I present the back and front covers of my upcoming book, The Hero Doctrine: Awakening to Your Eternal Potential!

The book comes out February 9th, 2016.


(Click it to make it bigger and the text readable!)

The book is meant to be a rousing cry to my fellow saints, to awaken them to their potentials (mirror), duties (sword), and privileges (shield) as children of a god. Every chapter is framed by an in-depth parable from pop culture, such as Star Wars, Batman, and Harry Potter. (Lots of Christopher Nolan in there, for what it’s worth.) I’ll let everyone know when it’s available for pre-ordering, which should be soon as there’s only two months left before the official release! Very exciting times for the Silvester household, because that’s also around when my baby is due. Until then we’ll be bracing for the storm.

Thank you to Shawnda Craig over at Cedar Fort for such excellent design, and Kevin Haws for some quality condensed back cover copy!

And thank you for checking this post out, whoever you are. Stick around and check out some of my blog posts; they’re great examples of what you’re going to find in the book itself.



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