Why Star Wars Is a Mormon Film


Screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan reveals why he thinks Star Wars is such a universally loved story:

“People always say, ‘Why do you think this saga is so popular? I really do believe the underlying theme is recognizing your potential and understanding what you’re capable of. It doesn’t end. To understand what you’ve inherited, and what you like about that and what you don’t like about that. Have you fulfilled yourself completely — or is it too late. What is dormant? That’s a very real and tangible thing for people every day.”

Quote found at Collider.

Whether through exercise of one’s talents, or parenthood, or even the notion of godhood, latter-day saints are taught from a young age about their marvelous potential—even unending potential. Such vast possibilities are spiritually inherited from our spiritual progenitor: God Himself, whom we are called to emulate. That journey is the very purpose of our existence.

Given that, is it any wonder Utah is the state with the most rabid Star Wars fans? While I don’t think this connection is conscious for Mormon Star Wars fans, I do think we recognize the inherent spirituality of such a story and are drawn to it. After all, it’s the story of Christ


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