Books Are In and Available for Pre-Order!

The books are in! And they look BEAUTIFUL. And they’re available for pre-order from Amazon right now. The Hero Doctrine: Awakening to Your Eternal Potential comes out on February 9th and costs $17.99 for a physical copy and $7.99 for a Kindle version. The physical copy is also eligible for Amazon Prime free shipping. It will also be available in select bookstores that I’ll name when they’re confirmed in the coming weeks.

The Hero Doctrine is a rousing cry to the saints to awaken them—to awaken us—to our full potential and the responsibility that comes with such potential. Every chapter opens with an extensive parable from pop culture, including Star Wars, Batman, Harry Potter, and a couple of other Christopher Nolan films. I believe strongly that the gospel is best taught through stories, and I think my love for stories will come through as you read.

Former president of the Association for Mormon Letters Boyd Petersen says, “Neal Silvester is one of the best new voices in Mormon literature.”



On the back they’re half matte (like the cover) and half gloss (the endorsement quotes below). It works magically and just feels good to hold.


I confess I wasn’t anticipating how great they look and feel. And I can’t wait to see them in the hands of friends and maybe even strangers in the weeks and months to come. I’ve been working on this book in one form or another for six years, so please support me and buy a copy!


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