The Hero Doctrine – Launch Party!


I am happy to announce the official launch party for The Hero Doctrine: Awakening to Your Eternal Potential! It’s happening on Wednesday, February 10th, at Pioneer Book in Provo. Pioneer Book (at 450 W Center Street) is a fantastic used bookstore, the best in Provo and maybe all of Utah County, and I am honored they agreed to play host for this event.

Things will get started at 6pm and close out at 8pm. During that time I’ll be giving a mini-lecture (no more than 15-20 minutes) on how Luke Skywalker and the Hero’s Cycle provide a near perfect mirror of our own soul’s development through the Plan of Salvation in LDS theology. It will essentially be a sacrament meeting talk version of the first chapter of my book, which is appropriate as a talk in church is how the whole book got started six years ago. After the mini-lecture I will happily sign books and answer any questions you may have.

The Hero Doctrine takes pop culture stories and turns them into in-depth parables to inspire and rouse the latter-day saint reader to a knowledge of their potentials, duties, and privileges as children of a god. Included are Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman, Ender’s Game, and more. In addition to being sold at Pioneer Book, it’s also available on Amazon (hard copy and Kindle), and come February 9th, in Utah Barnes and Nobles and in 17 Costcos throughout Utah, Idaho, and Arizona. Deseret Book and Seagull should also be picking the book up in time.

The Facebook event for the launch can be found here.


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