Published and On the Shelf: A Photoblog

So today I went on a tiny little adventure. In case you didn’t know, today my book officially came out. I wanted to see if the bookstores were REALLY going to sell my book or if that was just some sort of misunderstanding. Turns out…well…

Turns out I found FORTY-FOUR copies of my book in the stores I visited. That is a pretty cool thing.

Orem’s Barnes and Noble, where I found three copies of my book on the shelf. (They weren’t that fuzzy and shaky in person.)


I had to correct the placement, slightly. As a friend of mine recently intimated, Daddy’s gotta get paid.


The bigger picture:


Then, on to Deseret Book! Four copies here (I had my knee to balance the phone when I took this picture). Aaaand on the bottom shelf (you can see the carpeting) where it’s very likely to be noticed and sold! Yeah, a bit cynical, but I was grinning, pretty amused, when I said it to myself in the store. My cynicism melted slightly as I noticed I was just a few books over from Brad Wilcox, one of my heroes.


And it was there, on the carpet at Deseret Book, that I remembered my secret plan. Every copy of any book I ever write that physically passes through my hands (such as the ten I found in the first three bookstores here) will have that little symbol in the corner handwritten into the book. Hopefully I’ll have some fans someday that will care about secret stuff like that.


Seagull Book next. It’s kind of a sad little place. So quiet, and right across the street from Deseret Book. But I made my little symbols in these books, too, on the off chance somebody, someday, will somehow find my book among all the other dusty treasures and DB-priced trinkets.


And then, WHOA, COSTCO.


That’s two stacks of 17 each, as the next photo shows a little more clearly. Also, they’re priced at $10.99. I don’t know who’s losing money on that, but it’d better not be me. Also, for some cool reason on the price sticker it also says “bestseller.”


I marked only the top books in each stack. Didn’t want to get caught, in case what I’m doing there is somehow illegal. I tend to think it’s just adding value to the books, but who knows if management disagrees. If you ever want to know what that symbol means, just ask me! Don’t get your hopes up for something intellectual, though. It’s just personal.

So, it wasn’t all just a dream. My book is officially out there, on the shelves. At least 44 copies of it. Go out there and buy some!



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