Another 5-star review for The Hero Doctrine on Amazon!


This Amazon review comes from my brand new friend Gary:

This book is outstanding. It is doctrinal but rightly so. Doctrine is presented in such a way as to help the reader understand their true potential, their relationship with the Savior and the Father, and how to reach higher than one’s current place on this earth. The allegories and stories the author uses are valuable tools within the teachings of this book. I am an avid reader and recommend The Hero Doctrine to all. I submit that any reader will find this book of great value if it is read objectively without bias.

I met Gary at one of my Costco book-signings. It was a special moment, as I found out months later when he emailed me about his experience.

My name is Gary Barrett and you may not remember that but you would remember me if you saw me. My wife and I saw you with your books on 02-25-2016 in Costco in Sandy/South Jordan. We looked at you and walked by and the Spirit told me to turn around and talk to you. I did so and asked what your book was about. … I have read thousands of books and I was moved by the Spirit to turn around and talk to you that day in Costco. I am glad I did.

For me that is the most wonderful, validating thing. Proof positive that for at least an afternoon, I was exactly where God wanted me to be, and He was working on my behalf without my even knowing.

There was a specific point in the book that Gary liked best:

I told you I would email you with comments when I finished it but my reading queue is long so I just started reading it. It is so spot on and amazing that I had to email you even though I am only on page 41. When you stated that God’s highest priority is not our eternal salvation; rather it is our agency I cheered!! I have taught this my whole life and I am pretty old.

It’s true! God would rather let us freely fall from His presence than force salvation upon us. I personally think that’s because the kind of being God wants us to be begins as a free agent. You cannot be a god without first being free. It is a self-contradiction. It’s one of my favorite doctrines and is the heart of the novel I am close to finishing, No Romance. (Take a look at that book’s prologue if you haven’t already.) Thanks, Gary, for appreciating that too!

If you haven’t bought my book yet, check out what it’s about here, and if you believe the reviews, click over to Amazon to purchase it for only $14.89.


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