Why I Need A Savior

Why do I need a savior?

For the same reason these prisoners needed Bruce Wayne.

Easter: a time for lost things to be saved, and broken things to be made new. A time to honor and worship the One who pioneered His way out of the universal pit of death. In doing so He made it possible for us to escape it as well. He threw that rope down, allowing us to follow after Him, into the light of liberation. That is the universal message of Easter Sunday.

Why do I need a savior? Because I was, and am, broken.

A Confession of My Brokenness, Both Spiritually and Mentally – My soul, broken from addiction. My mind, broken from bipolar disorder.

God Is a Master Novelist: Part One – The story of my darkness.

God Is a Master Novelist: Part Two – The story of me finding the light.

God loves broken things—and that includes families – Christ will fix our broken lives and relationships, if we let Him.

The Gospel According to Dagny: Crying Repentance – Like infants we cry into the night, and our Savior runs to succor us.

A Tribute to Joseph Harris – Our imperfect bodies, some of them full of pain and ache and discomfort, will one day never feel such things again.

Do Cats Have Souls? – How much does Christ’s Resurrection really cover? How much will be restored in the next life?

The Chapter Closes – Goodbyes are never permanent. Friends and family will one day be reunited. The New will be far greater than the Old.

Christ is the Snow – Pure as the driven snow; it melts to become living water.


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