About Me

I was born in the year of…

Nah, I’m not gonna do that. I’m from California (the Bay Area) and I came out to Utah in May 0f 2010. I was married to Nyssa Lynn Pfeiffer by the end of the year. We met at Leading Edge, BYU’s sci-fi/fantasy magazine. She eventually ascended to the top editor’s position there while I remained her loyal First Husband—she was a BYU student and I was not. (BYU didn’t want me when I applied a few years earlier.) I eventually graduated from UVU in neighboring Orem, and I got an Outstanding Thesis Award from my ex-Mormon adviser for a quite-long theological allegorical novel, Sea of Chaos, which is an ongoing project (and has been since high school).

Right, I’m also a novelist. Check out the prologue for my unpublished novel No Romance. I write in a variety of genres, whatever the story requires. All my stories are designed to lead back to the gospel, usually through symbolism and allegory rather than directly.

Check me out on Facebook or shoot me an email at neal(dot)salvare(at)gmail(dot)com. I think that’s how you’re supposed to do it these days. In case that’s too cryptic, I offer the following key:

dot = .

at = @

If you want to know a teensy weensy bit more (read: a lot more) about me, check out A Confession of My Brokenness. That one’s about my experience with bipolar disorder and addiction.The full story is in Chapter 5 of The Hero Doctrine.

If you want to read a rather bold post (I think so, anyway), check out Why I Don’t Believe in Sin. (Don’t worry, I’m a 100% faithful latter-day saint. You’ll see an explanation if you just click it.)

Enough about me. Now for pictures of my family.


This is Nyssa and me at the Oakland temple a week before we were married in Dec. 2010.

IMG_20160209_160029430 (1)

Our little Third. Well, first child, but third sealed member of our family. Dagny Linnea Silvester, born January 16, just two days after I got my author copies of The Hero Doctrine. Pretty great week.

(I write about Dagny here, here, and here. Nyssa is also a major part of those thoughts.)

Then we have our four cats.

Ringo (yes that’s a car seat meant for our baby) (he loves the sun):


His full name is Sir Hobart Ringo the Lazur Wulf Cattank Silvester, Cow Knight

Valentine (in that briefcase entirely on her own):


and Ender and Abra (Abra is the mama cat of Valentine and Ender, who are sisters):


We got the two kittens when Abra unexpectedly gave birth under our bed. We’d gotten her less than two months before and had no idea she was pregnant.

We all live together in Provo, but will shortly be moving to Cleveland, Ohio.


One thought on “About Me

  1. I was very impressed by your book and the depth of your thinking! Having grown up with your Mom I was excited to see a copy of your book on my grandson’s bookshelf and enjoyed reading it with my husband. Thanks for your dedication to sharing the truths of the gospel.


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